Tree Services

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KT Tree Services, INC. provides a variety of tree services for both residential and commercial properties.

Tree Removal Services

We are fully insured professional tree service contractors who specialize in any size tree removal. We safely and efficiently remove fallen trees with the proper equipment.

With the help of a crane, we can make the required cuts, while also securing any part of the tree we have removed. The crane lifts the cut limb or entire tree and safely removes it from the property without risking any of the surroundings.

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Tree Trimming & Pruning

Tree pruning is very important and should be done regularly if you wish to maintain your trees and shrubs.

We provide ornamental and corrective tree trimming services.

Properties that have very old trees that have not been maintained can benefit from tree cabling. Tree cabling is when you help stabilize weaker branches among the tree. KT Tree Services can asses your trees to make sure they are stable.

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Stump Removal

Removing the stump left behind from a fallen tree or tree removal can be difficult and we can help.

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Excavation & Drainage

We have the right tools and training to completely remove stumps with one of our excavating machines. If you are a homeowner with a pesky drainage, contact us to help provide you with an affordable drainage solution.

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